Is having a baby with HIV positive man via surrogacy a safe procedure?

Conceiving a child is always an exciting journey for all intended parents. While few face complexes on the journey of their parenthood due to infertility, for them there are a few options with fertility treatments like IUI, ICSI, ICF, or surrogacy. Whereas, couples or single men with HIV might almost have lost hope to ever expand a family. Don’t worry gone are the days when HIV was considered a penalty like a death sentence. Having a baby with HIV positive man through surrogacy is possible and it has great success rates as well.

We understand your concern, the fear of transmitting diseases like HIV to your partner and your child can be frightening. Though, through correct treatment, and assisted reproductive technology (ART) one can not only control symptoms of HIV but conceive a healthy and non-infective child. Though often a couple has several misconceptions about having a baby with HIV positive man. Let us dig in deeper to know the facts and fabrication regarding HIV surrogacy.

One of the common misconceptions that couples have is HIV positive couples cannot conceive an HIV-negative baby. Well, fortunately, due to the advances in medical science and fertility, you are offered multiple solutions that were impossible to even imagine a few decades back. To give a short answer to your concern about can a baby get HIV from the father? Nope, with gestational surrogacy, you can successfully conceive a healthy child and he or she won’t be born with HIV. As with the sperm washing technique, the procedure assures that the gamete material does not have any infective particles.

Surrogency believes that every individual deserves to embark on their journey of parenthood. Having a baby with HIV positive man should not block your dreams of commencing a family. Hence, we are content to help couples and individuals via surrogacy with HIV+ intended parents to protect their children from unwanted infectious diseases.

Having a baby with HIV positive man includes a tedious process and also intended parents must be aware of a few facts related to HIV surrogacy. Let us walk you through the journey of surrogacy for HIV+ intended parents.

  • Is it possible to pass HIV through surrogacy?
  • How can HIV transmission prevent through surrogacy?
  • Can HIV-positive parents live the same life as other parents?
  • Is it safe for HIV positive man to provide his sperm to create embryos?
  • SPAR Program
  • How does the SPAR program work?
  • How is a surrogate mother protected from HIV?
  • Additional precautional steps for intended parents
  • Can HIV+ gay couples consider surrogacy?
  • HIV+ parenting

Is it possible to pass HIV through surrogacy?

It is a very rare chance that a surrogate could contract HIV through the embryos created with the gamete materials of the intended parents. Yes, you heard it right it is medically possible, so you can be relaxed and consider surrogacy. There hasn’t been a single record of a case where the surrogate and a child born through surrogacy contracted HIV via intended parents. Additionally, there have been hundreds and thousands of healthy babies born worldwide through HIV surrogacy.

Ensure that every prospective surrogacy agency or professional educates you about the process before you commit to the surrogate also surrogate mother has the right to refuse work with HIV+ intended parents and she must be enlightened about the procedure and probable risk. Furthermore, all the facts related to IVF for HIV positive couples must be covered in a surrogacy contract.
How can you prevent HIV transmission via surrogacy?

This is the common concern of individuals or couples having a baby with HIV positive man. Well, HIV isn’t active in the entire sperm but in the seminal fluid through which the infection can be transmitted. To make sure, HIV isn’t transmitted to a surrogate or infant, professionals use the procedure called sperm washing or commonly called as SPAR program, to enable HIV positive man to conceive a healthy and non-infectious infant.

Intended parents who have HIV, are asked to provide or submit several semen samples for testing the viral load. Depending on the result, the semen is washed using the process of the SPAR program to remove the infected seminal fluid, and lastly, the healthiest sperm is used in creating the embryos. This process makes the sperm safe to use for IVF.

Though the surrogate won’t be transmitted with HIV using the SPAR program, for the safer side she will have to undergo additional medication as an extra precaution, designed to make pregnancy safe and risk-free for the surrogate and child with HIV surrogacy.

Can HIV-positive parents live the same life as other parents?

Although, HIV cannot be completely cured that doesn’t mean it affects the longevity of your life. Gone are the days when HIV was directly perceived as a death sentence, with medication and treatment the virus can be controlled for a lifetime.

According to national studies, says the life expectancy of people with and without HIV infection is nearly identical, so conceiving a child to the intended parents with HIV isn’t risky. Having a baby with HIV positive man, your infant will be assured of a safe home, a good upbringing, and the unconditional love of parents.

Is it safe for HIV positive man to provide his sperm to create embryos?

Yes, definitely! Even if you are diagnosed with HIV you can have a genetically linked baby. Surrogacy has fulfilled the dreams of thousands of infertile intended parents, and in recent years it enables surrogacy with HIV+ intended parents to conceive a non-infectious healthy child.

Through sperm washing techniques, sperm is been washed and is made free from infection which makes the sperm IVF-ready. The procedure of IVF for HIV positive couples is similar to any other surrogacy treatment. Only the difference is the semen fluids are tested and washed to make them risk-free so that IVF specialists can then use the sperm sample to create embryos.

SPAR program

Can a baby get HIV from the father? No, by using the SPAR program for HIV surrogacy, you are assured of conceiving an HIV-negative infant. But what exactly is the SPAR program?

The Special Program of Assisted Reproduction (SPAR) has enabled thousands of infected intended parents with HIV to commence family through surrogacy. The SPAR program was introduced by The Bedford Research Foundation, it is an international program designed to protect partners and or surrogates, and newborn children from HIV.

This program entails procedures like sperm washing techniques and semen testing. The intended father will have to provide several semen samples so that professionals can check the viral load involved in the seminal fluids.

According to research, blood tests aren’t trustworthy to test the virus contained in semen fluids. The reason is, organs that produce infection of HIV aren’t detectable through a blood test. If you consider attempting a blood test, it may give you negative results but the chances are you may still have a high viral load active in your semen, for which getting tested through the SPAR program is a must.

Usually, the SPAR program involves detailed consultation with the surrogate mother and intended parents to make surrogacy with HIV+ intended parents, a smooth and hassle-free journey. The professionals would walk you through the process and risk involved in the journey, and once the embryo is transferred successfully surrogate has to undergo 3 HIV antibody tests i.e during the 3rd week, 3rd month, and 6th month of the pregnancy.

How does the SPAR program work?

The initial step for having a baby with HIV positive man is intended parents need to consult a surrogacy agency or doctor get consulted for surrogacy with HIV+ intended parents procedure. Furthermore, a semen sample is collected to check the availability of HIV infection. And, this program involves PCR to determine the exact viral load in the semen. This particular process checks virus-free particles like HIV RNA and virus-infected cells like HIV DNA.

After the test results, the semen that is virus-free is segregated from the infected one and further sent for sperm washing technique. The sperm is separated from semen fluids through the centrifuge and placed in an incubator. The washed and virus-free semen fluids aid in IVF for HIV positive couples to form qualitative embryos.

So, can a baby get HIV from the father? Well, no as we discussed the infected semen is segregated and washed completely to make a safe IVF for HIV positive couples process. Though if you still are worried about having a baby with HIV positive man, you can visit our website or book our free consultation call and ask all your doubts. Our experts will guide you with every step of the process.

How is the surrogate mother protected from HIV?

Having a baby with HIV positive man is possible and quite a safe procedure for intended parents but what about a surrogate mother? Well, through the SPAR program infected semen is segregated and washed to make it IVF-ready, hence there is a rare case that a surrogate gets into a contract with HIV.

Though for precaution IVF specialists will prescribe a few medications to avoid transmitting the infection to the surrogate and baby. It is recommended to take this medicine before the embryo transfer.

Additional precautional steps for intended parents
Although, having a baby with HIV positive man is probable through surrogacy but as intended parents, you must take a few additional precautional steps before you commit to the surrogacy process.

  • Strictly follow the protocols of HIV treatment
  • Take your medicines timely as recommended by a doctor.
  • You will have to undergo a sexually transmitted disease (STI) for a safer side.
Can HIV+ gay couples consider surrogacy?

Well, even gay couples have concerns like can a baby get HIV from the father? Can HIV+ gay couples or individuals undergo the surrogacy process? The surrogacy process for HIV+ intended parents is for everyone. We believe that every individual deserves to become a parent and expand their family.

While there were days individuals from the LGBTQA+ community couldn’t even think of conceiving a biologically linked child, now surrogacy has enabled every individual to fulfill their dreams of completing the family. Surrogacy has opened the doors for same-sex to conceive additionally, HIV+ gay couples can also consider surrogacy to have an HIV-negative baby.

Our experts would guide you throughout the process of surrogacy for HIV+ individuals and ensure that you don’t face any complications with medical or legal procedures. From consultation sessions to the day of delivery and the post-birth legal process, Surrogency ensures that you have an easy and flawless surrogacy experience.

HIV+ Parenting

Well, we come across several concerns from intended parents like can a baby get HIV from the father? Or can we experience normal parenting even if I have HIV? Conceiving a baby is feasible even if you are infected with HIV. And with the right treatment at the right time, you can manage your symptoms, which assures you have a decent life expectancy.

HIV+ parenting looks like any other parenting, whether you are conceiving through natural pregnancy, surrogacy, or any fertility treatment. At the end of the day, your infant needs a good upbringing, unconditional love, and care. It doesn’t matter if you have HIV, what matters is you and your child are healthy and what kind of bond you share with them.

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