Why is the gestational surrogacy process popular among celebrities worldwide?

One of the hot topics in the news these days is celebrities announcing their newborn baby via surrogacy. Whether it’s Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, or Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, everyone in Hollywood, as well as Bollywood, is opting for the gestational surrogacy process over natural pregnancy.

Gone are the days when surrogacy was a hushed topic or something to be ashamed of. Today, a lot of celebrities worldwide are becoming quite open on their journey of expanding families. Celebrities receive support as well as negative feedback with the controversy arriving all over the world questioning why celebrities opt for surrogacy even when they are fit and fertile. There could be many reasons but is maintaining a lean body physique the only core purpose to undergo the path of surrogacy?
Let’s understand the reasoning behind celebrities opting surrogates and how does surrogacy work in detailHere’s a detailed overview of the surrogacy controversy among celeb couples:

  • What is surrogacy?
  • Why do celebrities choose surrogacy?
  • Adoption VS Surrogacy Perks of gestational surrogacy process
  • Can a common man consider surrogacy?
  • What are the elements influencing successful surrogacy?
  • Concluding words

What is surrogacy?

As it is getting popular, seeing celebrities choosing surrogacy people have become curious about the process, and technical terms related to surrogacy. Let’s understand the meaning of surrogacy. Usually, there are types of surrogacy which include gestational and traditional.

Traditional VS Gestational surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy is when a surrogate mother uses her own eggs in the process. Her eggs are retrieved with the sample sperm of the intended father or donor by using the method of intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Although it can be beneficial for a gay couple or single father, this process involves emotional and legal challenges also few countries prohibit traditional type of surrogacy, Hence it is less preferred by individuals today due to its complications.

Meanwhile, gestational surrogacy is when a surrogate mother or usually termed a gestational carrier does not have a genetic link with the baby. The gestational surrogacy process involves In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intended Parents can have a biological link with their child i.e the child will contain their DNA.

Intended Parents and or donor’s gamete material ( sperm and eggs) are retrieved to form embryos in the laboratory. These embryos are further transferred into the surrogate mother’s womb also known as the embryo transfer procedure.

Traditional VS Gestational surrogacy, majorly gestational is preferred worldwide as it allows a genetic link with the child, also it is convenient for Intended Parents as the process is less tedious and gives an assurance of obtaining child’s custody.

Why do celebrities choose surrogacy?

Surrogacy solves infertility issues of intended parents but there could be many other reasons that influence celebrities to opt for surrogacy. One of the main causes worldwide is infertility as a lot of individuals, and couples struggle to conceive naturally.

Do you want to know the reason behind celebs’ of expanding their families via surrogacy? Let’s have a look for a few common reasons for which celebrities prefer surrogacy.

Infertility issues

In recent years, women and men have been facing fertility issues. Poor quality of eggs and sperm counts, weaker womb, genetic disease, and other infertility issues can block your path to conceiving a child naturally. Hence, a lot of celebrities worldwide prefer surrogacy seeing its high success rates.

Like the married couple Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber struggled with conceiving for a few years after adopting their first child Nisha, they decided to choose gestational surrogacy and welcomed twin boys Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber in March 2018.

Pregnancy history

A past trauma with a previous pregnancy or medical issue following the previous pregnancy can cause issues with becoming pregnant.

For instance, Kim Kardashian faced preeclampsia and placenta accreta with her first two babies, making it challenging for her to conceive next time. Hence, Kim and Kanye West opted for a gestational surrogate for their third and fourth child – Chicago and Psalm.


Age is one of the biggest reasons impacting people to consider the journey of surrogacy. Women above the age of 35 are considered to have a high risk of fertility issues and may find it complicated to carry a child successfully. Even if a woman above 35 does not have medical issues she may choose surrogacy to avoid the risk to herself and her child.

Like Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas they preferred surrogacy as Priyanka crossed the age of 40 and she found conceiving naturally as a difficult roadmap but the couple welcomed their daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas on 15 January 2022 through surrogacy.

Health drawback

A lot of health problems act as a major error to expanding family at times. Health issues include, Diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, obesity, thyroid, PCOS, and other problems that can make an individual or couple undergo multiple failures with getting pregnant naturally. In such cases, surrogacy can be the ideal alternative for completing a family.

Gay couples

While straight couples have various means to expand their family, gay couples hardly have few options to conceive a child. Surrogacy helps them have a child that contains their DNA with safe and assured results.

For instance, Neil Patrick Harris and Davis Burtka welcomed twins in 2010 via gestational surrogate. Today, both the dads are proud fathers and are raising their children with all love and care.

Hopeful singles

Conceiving a child or expanding a family isn’t restricted to married couples. Individuals who wish to become parents can fulfill their dreams with surrogacy. It allows them to have a biologically linked child without complications. A lot of celebrities across Bollywood and Hollywood have received a child through surrogacy.

Amber Heard became a single mother to a beautiful daughter through surrogacy. She welcomed her daughter Oonagh Paige Heard on 8 April 2021.


Models, actresses, and celebrities today prefer conceiving a baby via surrogacy. This assists them to continue work on various projects without any hurdles and maintain their physique.

What is the difference between surrogacy and adoption?

This is the most trendy topic in the minds of people when any celebrity announces the birth of a child through surrogacy. Why surrogacy? Why not adoption? Although, it is definitely their personal choice both the methods have their pros and cons.

Both of the procedures are lengthy and contain complications at different levels. As we discussed how does surrogacy work, let’s understand what adoption is.

Adoption is a parent-child relationship where both of them are biologically connected. It is a legal procedure wherein parental rights and responsibilities are transferred from biological parents to adoptive parents. The purpose of adoption is the welfare of the children, and after adoption, a bond is formed between the adoptive parents and the adoptive child, hence ensuring you determine everything about this option to avoid complications.

Adoption VS Surrogacy, which option is suitable for you? To decide on one alternative, you will have to determine a few factors. One of the major and common reasons is the genetic link that makes Intended Parents choose surrogacy over adoption.

Furthermore, the involvement of Intended Parents also matters, for instance in surrogacy IPs (Intended Parents) have the right to be equally involved in the process meanwhile in adoption it depends on the birth mother. If she wishes, the IPs can be involved in her pregnancy procedure.

To know more about surrogacy, visit our website or book our free consultation call!

Perks of gestational surrogacy process

We all have heard the stories of people choosing as the alternative to begin the journey of parenthood and its increasing popularity worldwide but how can Intended Parents benefit from gestational surrogacy? How does surrogacy work? Well, there are two main factors that influence every Intended Parent struggling with natural pregnancy to consider surrogacy.

Biological connection with your child

Facing multiple rounds of failures can be nerve-racking for any woman. When you are told you cannot become a mother naturally, it can break your heart and life may seem extremely difficult. But today medical science has made everything possible, and surrogacy is one the best examples. It solves infertility issues, and assists expanding families with a safe process but the main benefit is it allows Intended Parents to have a biological connection with their baby.

High surrogacy success rates

Although it is believed that surrogacy is quite a complex and tedious process, it is lengthy, too clinical, screening, legal matter, and many more. Due to its advanced treatment, it has a high success rate compared to other fertility treatments. Also, it benefits intended parents by aiding gestational carriers and keeping the baby healthy. And offers Intended Parents an emotionally stable experience.

Can a common man consider surrogacy?

Although surrogacy is getting popular among celebrities, it isn’t restricted to famous individuals. Everyone deserves to fulfill their dream of parenthood and the common man too can opt for gestational surrogacy.

Usually, people have a myth that since the gestational surrogacy process is quite expensive, the common man cannot afford it. Well, that’s not completely true. Although it is expensive, approaching a full-service surrogacy agency like Surrogency can assist you to get a perfect surrogacy treatment with end-to-end services. We offer our treatment at an affordable cost with expert guidance throughout the journey.

Be it a celebrity or any common man, surrogacy is meant to complete every individual’s family. Are you too thinking of surrogacy? Well, you are on the right track, surrogacy can be an ideal method to achieve a happy and content family.

What are the elements influencing successful gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is known to be the ideal alternative that fulfills the dreams of Intended Parents worldwide. When individuals and couples lose hope, this is the only method that feels like a ray of sunshine in the midst of a dark night.

Although its high surrogacy success rates enable everyone to become parents, but what makes it successful? What are the elements that Intended Parents should be aware of? We have listed below the elements that determine a successful gestational surrogacy journey.

Experienced and qualitative donors

Surrogacy is opted by infertile couples, same-sex couples, or individuals wherein who cannot conceive naturally. In such a situation, you would need qualitative eggs and or sperm depending on your fertility condition.

In terms of an egg donor, ensure you choose someone with qualitative eggs. When choosing an egg donor you must determine a few factors:

  • Her age – she must be between the age of 18-35, as this is the age when women are fertile and their body responds well to fertility drugs.
  • She must have prior experience with egg donation
  • She should not consume alcohol, drugs, or smoking – it affects the quality of her eggs.
  • Make sure you go through her and her family’s medical history to ensure there is no chance of transmitting a genetic disease to your child.

In terms of a sperm donor, Intended Parents must consider a few factors:

  • He must have good sperm counts.
  • He should not consume alcohol, drugs, or smoke.
  • He must have prior experience with donating his sperm sample.
  • He must be fit and fertile

Going through the gestational surrogacy process alone can be overwhelming and frustrating, approaching a trustable surrogacy agency like Surrogency would make your work hassle-free and complex-free. With our wide array of networks, we approach the best donors and perform screening tests to ensure they are a perfect match for our Intended Parents.

Surrogate mother

A surrogate mother or gestational carrier is someone who will carry your child. We often have read or heard that celebrities pay a high ticket amount to their gestational carrier. Why do they pay so much? The reason is on behalf of you a surrogate mother risks her health to carry your child and in return, she demands compensation for her efforts, time, risk, and health transformation.

Now, how do I select a trustable and perfect surrogate mother for myself? This is the common donut every individual has. Every Intended Parent must ensure a few factors while seeking their surrogate mother, including:

She must have experience with surrogacy and have her own child She must be fit and capable to carry your child. She must undergo physical as well as psychological examination to check whether she is a perfect match. Discuss roles and responsibilities, and monetary compensation before beginning with the IVF procedure, a surrogacy contract is formed via an attorney so ensure you are aware of the rules and regulations.

We assist our Intended Parents to select a perfect surrogate mother through the guidance, and support of an experienced attorney for forming a surrogacy agreement.

IVF specialists

Gestational surrogacy uses the method of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and in order to pass the IVF Process, you need an IVF specialist and a perfect fertility clinic. AN IVF specialist would guide your donor with fertility medication for stimulating eggs.

Once eggs are fertilized, it is mixed with sperm samples to create embryos. Once embryos are prepared it is transferred into the surrogate’s womb. In this process, the guidance of an IVF specialist or embryologist is a must to achieve successful implantation or confirmed pregnancy.

Concluding words

Gestational surrogacy process is getting popular among celebrities, as it solves fertility issues, and enables the path of parenthood for everyone irrespective of sexual orientation, marital staus or location. It gives an opportunity to actresses to become mothers while they still can focus on their careers.

Medical science and technology have made everything probable. Be it career or medical hurdles, celebrities prefer surrogacy to become parents and they are quite open about it which motivates a common man who is confused to undergo this path. It is safe, reliable, and offers high success rates hence, you too can even consider surrogacy to commence your family.

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