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Surrogacy isn’t the first choice for intended parents to conceive a healthy child. When a couple or individual agrees to begin a surrogacy process, they have already faced multiple failed attempts with different fertility treatments, and they are already emotionally and financially drained by now. Couples who have been confronting infertility issues probably have surrogacy as their last option to conceive a biologically linked child, though the cost of the surrogacy process in the USA can be quite high-priced. Of course, not all intended parents would have this money in hand with them. Don’t worry there are multiple financing options for surrogacy available.

Since surrogacy requires multiple experts and services to make the pregnancy of surrogates possible the cost increases. Though, to understand the exact expense of the treatment, ask your agency to provide a detailed cost surrogacy breakdown.

Few intended parents opt for unsecured bank loans to finance their surrogacy journey, while others may choose to borrow money from their friends and family, and few individuals may choose a secured loan like home equity linked to their credit. Also, there are financing options for surrogacy process that we will list down below for your better understanding.

Let us understand different financing options for surrogacy and what factors determine the cost of surrogacy worldwide so that every intended parent has a clear understanding of where exactly their money will go as this procedure is a huge investment.

  • How expensive is surrogacy pregnancy
  • What are the financing options for surrogacy
  • Finance through secured loans
  • Unsecured loans
  • Surrogacy grants
  • Crowdfunding
  • Fundraising
  • Other financing options for surrogacy
  • Additional tips to budget your surrogacy journey
  • Bottom Line

How expensive is surrogacy pregnancy?

The cost of surrogacy depends on multiple factors but two major areas will determine your entire surrogacy budget i.e where you are considering surrogacy – fertility clinics in that particular country, for instance, a medical process cost in the USA is much higher than in other countries. And the other factor includes, the compensation for a surrogate mother – surrogates in developed countries like the USA will ask for more compensation than surrogates in developing countries.

Though, you must be wondering about what are the different services that include in the surrogacy process. To make you understand the various offerings that every surrogacy agency must provide and why surrogacy is expensive we have listed below a few intricate surrogacy factors.

  • Surrogate’s compensation – in exchange for her sacrifice, pain, and efforts.
  • Fees for egg or sperm donor (if required)
  • Attorney fees
  • IVF process fees
  • Medicinal, maternity clothes, food, and related expenses during the surrogate’s pregnancy
  • Agency’s fees
  • And more

Additionally, there is a possibility that your gestational carrier will be asked for bed rest or may have to perform a cesarean section, which means she will require reimbursement for lost wages due to such a situation and other things like housekeeping and childcare during delivery. Hence, your overall cost surrogacy can increase in situations like this.

So, how expensive is surrogacy pregnancy? It can be a financial commitment of hundreds and thousands of dollars, depending on your surrogacy destination. And, not all intended parents would have this much money at conveyance.

What must intended parents do with surrogacy costs? Should they drop the idea of committing to the process of surrogacy? No, don’t get discouraged or do not lose hope. Even though surrogacy is more expensive than other treatments but there are different viable financing options for surrogacy that have been proven to be helpful for many intended parents who have walked the path of surrogacy in past.

Though you can consider overseas or cross-border surrogacy destinations to conceive a healthy baby within your budget. Few USA residents choose to travel to other countries where surrogacy cost 50% less and offers a legally secured process.

What are the financing options for surrogacy?

The process for surrogacy can seem to be a difficult journey to manage emotionally and financially but that shouldn’t stop you from fulfilling your dreams through surrogacy. When you find difficulty in budgeting your surrogacy journey, that’s where different financing options for surrogacy options come into play.

1. Finance through secured loans

Your local bank can assist you with financing your surrogacy agency through secured loans. A secured loan is a mortgage that has valuable collateral attached to it, your retirement savings or home. Usually, secured loans have a lower interest rate as the bank is taking the lower risk.

Secured loans are available to individuals to whom unsecured loans have been rejected. Banks agree to lend certain money to these individuals because there is low risk involved to the banks and for borrowers, these loans can best financing option as there is a lower rate of interest. Though secured loans come with a drawback, if borrowers fail to make payments on due then they may end up losing all their collaterals with added interest.

Though you can consider these 2 types of secured loans to finance your surrogacy journey:


Few families find it convenient to borrow money from their retirement savings or account. 401(k) loans allow a couple or individual to borrow up to 50% of the money from their bank balance. Though you are required to pay back the respective amount within a time frame, and the payments are made via an automatic deduction method.

Home equity loans

Few intended parents choose home equity loans as their ideal option to finance surrogacy. Here, your home will play as valuable collateral to borrow funds from the bank. Though, home equity loans demand a strong credit history from the borrower.

2. Unsecured loans

Unsecured loans usually don’t require any collateral. Though these loans do not have any requirements for borrowers for these kinds of loans, they can get expensive with high-interest rates. The more amount you want through unsecured loans, it is going to cost you even more with its high rate of interest.

If you have good credit, a low debt-to-equity ratio, and enough disposable income by your side then you can get a reasonable interest rate based on a personal loan with 24-36 months of the term. Though, many people find the terms of unsecured loans quite costly, often with two-digit interest rates.

Though, in most cases, unsecured loans are considered the last resort in a surrogacy journey. There are other options as well that will lend you your desired amount of money with a lower interest rate compared to unsecured loans.

For instance, a home equity loan will lend you money at much better terms as the lender to does not have a high rate of risk. Though, there are lenders who have provided loans to people who have low or bad credit, who may or may not ask you for collateral. For couples with fewer resources and a only dream to expand their family, a personal loan may be the only viable option.

Below we are mentioning a few agencies that offer remarkable unsecured loans for personal reasons involving surrogacy as well.

  • Sofi
  • Prosper
  • Light Stream
  • Future Family
  • CapexMD
  • Advanced Reproductive Care
  • New Life Agency
  • And more

Remember these agencies are catered to US residents who wish to finance their surrogacy journey. Though, many medical financing agencies or services collaborate with USA clinics and at times transfer funds to the clinic directly. But, for the people living outside the USA, there are some services catered to medical tourism. Though these too come under unsecured loans provided by any other bank, they majorly focus on medical tourism worldwide.

3. Surrogacy grants

Grants can be one of the viable financing options for surrogacy. They are catered to help intended parents who face difficulty to deal with the cost surrogacy and its expenses. The grants are offered annually to reduce the stress on intended parents. The grants are provided to those who meet the requirements and every organization may have different requirements to grant money for surrogacy. Few organizations may have a requirement of practicing a particular religion while other may grant money to a specific area’s residents.

We are listing below a few famous organizations that help intended parents to finance their surrogacy journey.

  • Life Grants
  • Tinina Q Cade Foundation Grant
  • Baby Quest Foundation
  • Life Grants
  • And more
4. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a process where you ask a crowd of people to donate for a specific cause or event, in your case for a surrogacy journey. According to a report by the University of Washington says that crowdfunding for medical bills and cost surrogacy is increasing across the states of the United States.

Since it has helped many intended parents hence crowdfunding can be one of the reliable financing options for surrogacy. You can begin your crowdfunding process through various online services that allow you to upload an online project and in exchange, you can ask certain communities to donate a small amount for your process for surrogacy. Though, crowdfunding has been attracting many people to collect funds but remember it is not safe and successful all the time, being alert and aware of the process is a must.

5. Fundraising

Additionally, intended parents can consider a few methods to raise funds for their process for surrogacy – ideally called fundraising. We have listed below three common methods you consider practicing to collect your desired amount for surrogacy.

Ask others for donations

Intended parents can ask their friends and or family to lend them some amount of money in exchange for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and other festive seasons.

Host fundraisers online

Certain online fundraising sites allow intended parents to establish a free fundraiser and they can easily raise funds for a surrogacy journey without deadlines, charges, or target criteria, unlike crowdfunding.

Sell something homemade – online or offline

You can consider selling something homemade like crafts, cakes, customized art, homemade food, or anything that you excel in. And you sell it online and offline as well, ask your friends and family to spread the word you will see better outcomes very soon.

6. Other financing options for surrogacy

Seeing the different factors of surrogacy, intended parents are often worried about how expensive is surrogacy pregnancy. But, don’t worry! Cost surrogacy shouldn’t be the factor that demoralizes you to opt the process for surrogacy. To help you manage your finances with surrogacy, we have mentioned a few other options that can help you get funds for your surrogacy treatment.

Ask your family members

While not every individual is comfortable asking for or borrowing money from family members, but borrowing money from family members or friends can be beneficial for you as it is less risky and there won’t be a high or no interest rate.

Fertility financing loans

Certain organizations practice providing financing services catered to offering funds and or loans to infertile intended parents. Many organizations can assist you with funding your surrogacy program. To name a few organizations, these firms provide fertility financing loans to intended parents considering surrogacy.

  • New life Fertility Finance
  • Prosper Healthcare Lending
  • CapexMD
Surrogacy agency

Few surrogacy agencies have a payment method that does not demand paying the entire amount right away. And few agencies may offer an in-house financing option wherein they will offer loans with their partner companies or with the available option of monthly installments. And the loans with an agency will have lower interest comparatively, and it will give you the benefit of handling everything in one place.

Additional tips to budget your surrogacy journey
Ask other experienced intended parents with surrogacy

Reach out to the parents who have already gone through the process. Their feedback, and opinions may help you, they might be aware of a few additional grants, and fundraising options that you might miss out on.

Look out for insurance options

Consider your medical cost through insurance, and ask your insurance consultant whether the medical costs cover surrogacy costs if not surrogacy then they might help you finance the intricate process of creating embryos through the IVF procedure.

Open your saving account

It’s never too late to create your saving account. You can budget your surrogacy cost by setting aside a special fund for surrogacy the same way you would for college fees, a new home, an international trip, or any special occasion.

Bottom Line

Surrogacy can seem like a difficult process to manage emotionally and financially but you can consider various financing options to budget your surrogacy treatment. To make sure you are on the right financing path, consult your financial advisor and understand the various way to fund your journey.

No financial hurdles can restrict to fulfill your dream of expanding a family. If you have any further queries about surrogacy, you can visit our website.

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